<aside> πŸ”₯ In the next twelve months, Waves is poised to become one of the most thriving blockchain ecosystems in the world.


Waves 1.0 - Where We Are Today

The Waves blockchain started 2022 with more than 2 million user wallets and a vibrant community across successful projects such as Waves.Exchange, Vires.Finance, and WavesDucks.com. With 100k+ transactions in the mainnet daily and more than 250 validators, Waves boasts a throughput of thousands of transactions per second. The current Total Value Locked (TVL) in the network is $2B and about 80% of tokens are locked in staking. All of these have been achieved without any VC funding in the last 5 years.

Waves 2.0 - Where We Are Going

Now it’s time to become the ultimate platform for developers, creators, and millions of users.Β  To reach these ambitious goals, we are building a multi nuclei structure.

Key Points:

  1. Waves 2.0: New Consensus with Ethereum Virtual Machine Support
  2. Open Collective. New governance models
    1. DAO Framework
  3. Cross-chain finance: Bridge to all chains
    1. Gravity Bridges
    2. Universal Bridge Integration
  4. Meta: A bridge between digital worlds
    1. Level 0 Inter-Metaverse Protocol
  5. US Company and Accelerator Program
    1. US Company
    2. Accelerator Program
  6. Projected Timeline
  7. 🌊 (1 ➝ 2) – Join The Movement

1. 🌐 Waves 2.0: New Consensus with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Support

While we build out this new system we will be making protocol updates to the current system that will make the network faster and even more secure while staying decentralized. The Waves development team is focused on implementing the new version of Waves Consensus based on Practical Proof-of-Stake Sharding (PPOSS).

The development of our highly scalable and EVM-compatible network will start this spring. The new network will be connected to the existing one for a smoother transition to Waves 2.0 without depreciating the old network’s value or efficacy.

<aside> πŸ”₯ Ethereum Virtual Machine compatibility makes Waves more accessible for external teams by offering an extensive infrastructure of development and analytics tools. Well-known DeFi Blue Chips will appear on the Waves 2.0 network after the launch without any need for migration.


While the next version of the protocol is underway, the Waves Community will continue to enjoy new infrastructure integrations and DeFi features, including DAOs, next-gen DeFi protocols, launchpads, and flagship NFT marketplaces.

Together, the liquidity and ecosystem growth will boost Waves as a prime platform for DeFi users, developers, and creators.

Key Takeaway: Continued attention on improvements to current Waves 1.0 such as New Waves Consensus with EVM that will ultimately enable greater user interaction and engagement and smoother transition to Waves 2.0